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About NM Studio

NM Studio is born out of the desire to paint photographs with nothing but just pure love. Based in Canada, the NM Studio is a paragon of professional photography.

The dynamic husband-wife duo Mohsin and Navera endeavour to capture the essence of togetherness and loyalty trapped in heartfelt real raw, intimate and at times outrageous emotions. We together at NM Studio strive to seize your miraculous experiences, add a sparkle of meaning and make them even more special for you. That very first glance, the big bright smile or the essence of touch, we at NM Studio make your moments eternal. We always strive to capture gestures and emotions that make your special experiences meaningful.


Our Story

We do what we do because we believe there is no greater happiness to be cherished other than love. Our journey as a wedding and editorial photographers and videographers began as we went out exploring the world. We began our adventure by capturing various travel destinations around the world but soon realised that there is no stronger language than the love which gleams around us. That’s when NM Studio emerged as a professional wedding and editorial photography studio which thrives on capturing the raw and meaningful side of love, togetherness and loyalty.

Jan 19, 2019

Sumbla and Usman

Brilliantly captured moments we must say! You made our big day look phenomenal with such breath-taking pictures. Sending lots of love your side!

Sumbla and Usman
June 01,2019

Tia and Jordan

We wanted someone to perfectly capture our story and these two talented people at NM Studio did the job exceptionally well. They truly understand the language of love and know what it takes to make moments eternal.

Tia and Jordan
October 12,2019

Victoria and Chris

Beautiful moments beautifully captured by two beautiful people! Thankyou NM Studio for giving us such wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Victoria and Chris
June 12,2019

Yvonne & Addie

Never thought the pictures would turn out to be fabulous, NM Studio makes you a priority for sure and provides you with the best photography services. From selecting the setting, to lighting and matching everything with the mood of the event and story, Mohsin and Navera are just spot on!

Yvonne & Addie
December 01,2019

Zoe and Adrian

We just had the time of our lives shooting with NM Studio! Great Photography skills and service, we thankfully now have such great pictures of us to show them to our grandchildren when the time comes.

Zoe and Adrian



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